30/06/2018 - Via delle Terme 1 - Spoleto

Press Release    List of Works

The exhibition AROUND | HERE will take place in two different locations, focusing its attention on the reception of time inside the hermitage.

Before the 13th Century, monasteries had been in charge of timekeeping, not only for themselves, but also for entire towns and villages. Unlike our modern time system, the canonical hours were a very fluid way of measuring time; a unique system constantly in flux. 

This sequential division of time is found in the works of the exhibiting artists, which discuss ideas in relation to transformation, history and routine.

Works by:Park Hyun Gi, Paloma Mecozzi, Lucrezia de Fazio, Simona Sharafudinov, Nicola Guastamacchia, Miguel Sbastida, LU.PA, Eugenio Carabba, GB Group.