Spoleto, Italy

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AROUND|HERE is a two part exhibition.

The exhibition focused on the perception of time inside the hermitage. Before the 13th Century, monasteries were in charge of timekeeping, for both themselves and entire towns and villages. Unlike today, the canonical hours were a very fluid way of measuring time; a unique scheme constantly in flux. This fluidity was encouraged by the devices used: the sundial during the day, a temporary water clock, or the astrolabe to calculate the positions of the stars at night.

The monastic ideal was keeping track of time not only as a way of ordering the days but as a temporal division, interiorized in the form of a mental articulation of the passing of the hours. In the cenobitic horologium vitae, time and life were intimately superimposed to the point of nearly coinciding.
Discussing ideas of transformation, routine and history, this sequential division may be found in the works of the exhibiting artists and becomes the element allowing to understand the life of the individual and the community inside the hermitage.



Simona Sharafudinov is awake and takes the walk of the Hermits that leads her in a place where nature is the main character and the starting point of her work. Her piece explores the relation between nature and technology and how one inspires and shapes the other.

Portrait of an Hermit


Lucrezia de Fazio finally crosses the Bridge of the Towers, which connects Monteluco to the historic fortress of Spoleto, finding in her path a language to decipher.

Tentativo #3


Miguel Sbastida carves a found limestone from Monteluco’s wood, which is part of his installation Deep Time Geology of Spoleto. The rocks, as time indicators, register the geological transformation of the Earth, being a witness of our own species’ evolution.

Deep Time Geology of Spoleto


GB GROUP is in the garden, calculating when the sun will hit with more strength to activate the board games.

O Tutto o Niente o Almeno un Po’


Nicola Guastamacchia seats in front of Mel Bochner’s wall drawing, contemplating its essential form, reconstructing the story it recounts. A short inscription dedicates this work to Michelangelo who “it is said, sought refuge from the pope in this house”. This possibly fictional piece of a story is the pretext to appropriate and contaminate the mathematical precision of Bochner’s conceptual aesthetic with ideas of time, narration and textuality.

21 Giugno 2018


LU.PA immerses herself in the sacred wood of Monteluco and finds an object, a lead interpreted as a signal of action. From 17:00 to 20:30 LU.PA will be in the church of the Hermitage and distribute to visitors traces of the object found in the woods.



Eugenio Carabba wanders around the kitchen, the woods and the studios to record the sounds and shapes that catch his attention - a composition of overlapped conversations and distorted forms.



Hyun Gi Park’s performance themes on the idea of consumption. She will juice and consume talismans (oranges with tattooed sigils), and burn handmade incense from lavender harvested from the garden. Hyun Gi’s work juxtaposes traditional Eastern rituals and contemporary Western routines.

Consumption of the Blood of the Surrogate


Paloma Mecozzi goes back to her room; she finds the bed unmade, as she left it in the morning. Her series of paintings and sentences record, as in a diary, the flow of time in the Hermitage.

Se for Preciso, Fuja