G B  G R O U P


1991, 1992 - Italy





GB Group is committed to creating immersive performance art. The group’s artistic practice was born with the intent to design performances to be carried out exclusively by their audience, thus rendering them protagonists of the performances. The public becomes the artistic medium used by GB Group to produce pieces of art. These artworks are referred to as ‘living objects’. The living objects pertaining to each performance differ in their aesthetic and aim. Nonetheless they have a common characteristic: they are all subject to ‘conditions of existence’. Every living object is sold alongside with a legal agreement that obliges the owner (or owners) to interact with the object in specific moments throughout their ownership of the work. The legal agreements and the photographs documenting the evolution of the work’s mutation thus become an integral part of the artwork. This material represents the ‘biography’ or story of the piece.
Furthermore, the value of the living objects is not primarily aesthetic but lies precisely in their becoming an integral, ‘active’ part of the owner’s life and of those who come in contact with the artwork.


O tutto o niente o almeno un po’

O tutto o niente o almeno un po’ is an artistic intervention composed by two elements that function in relation to each other: the artworks displayed in the residency and their promotion. Adopting a purely commercial approach and a format inspired by marketing.