The writing of a manifesto has a double function: to transform into prose what exists in the fluctuating world of ideas and rendering these clear, decisive and communicative between each other. For a correct and winning composition one must always aim for ABC, www or xxy, and the answer is one, simple and effective: you must want a list, that like your shopping list makes you feel that also today you have achieved the essential goals in your life. That being said, we can start. ASTRA is: A human construction , A play of words, A space that travels, A place that returns, A continuous flux, A starting point, A finishing line 

Point one: ASTRA is a human construction

ASTRA is a product of the chemical combination of variable ingredients at random doses: such as Saturday night, or the frenetic talking of people, crossed legs or wine stains on a wool carpet. 

ASTRA is all this and above all a simultaneous merging of three complementary minds. ASTRA is therefore a human construction.

Point two: ASTRA is a play of words

ASTRA is not a star but the impossible abstraction of the artist from the human being, according to de Kooning. 

ASTRA is not a star, rather a set of asteroids that frantically orbits, meeting without colliding.  






Point three: ASTRA is a space that travels

ASTRA is a physical and non-physical place, stable and dynamic, inexhaustibly firm. 

Point four: ASTRA is a place that returns

ASTRA is the collective traveller, who becomes rock in the middle of the sea for Odysseus. ASTRA is Odysseus, resting on this rock, looking back at the ashes of Troy while glimpsing at the image of Ithaca in the distance. 

Point five: ASTRA is a continuous flux

ASTRA is time made of water and the river of faces that are lost and found. ASTRA is this river with no ending, which passes and stays. It is the water that is lost, not the one that rests. 

Point six and seven: ASTRA is a starting point: ASTRA is the finishing line.