M I G U E L 





Miguel Sbastida is a visual artist working across sculpture, video installation and site-specific performance, in an investigation around the intersections of geological time, material cycles, cultural ecologies and climate breakdown.

Over the last years, he has extensively researched his kinship with the geological world through material, epistemological, geopoetic, and vital-materialist perspectives. Stones that murmur memories, displaced glacial ice, trying to become a rock, scars in geological time, joining forces with the ocean in the erosion of a cliff… 

In his works, Sbastida explores connections between the biologic and geologic, cultural and natural; emphasizing and urging to look at the world through perspectives that reject the anthropocentric hierarchies we impose on nature, and its divisions between the lively and the inert. 

Through on-site research, durational performance, specimen study (drawing, reproduction, examination, displacement), and object making (map-making, rock-making, casting, video), Sbastida challenges traditional boundaries between the human/non-human spheres, activating spaces for critical thinking, eco-feminism, and a possible re-evaluation of our relationship with the Earth Organism.