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São Paulo


Paloma was born in 1989, São Paulo, Brazil, where she lives and works. She graduated in Architecture and Urbanism of Escola da Cidade College. In 2012, she participated in Casa das Caldeiras Residence; in 2014, in Fazenda São João Residence. In 2015, she conceived and executed, with Joana Ferraz, the performance Bang Bang, held in Paço das Artes Museum. Her first book, VERMELHO, with writings and drawings, was published by Vibrant Editora in November 2015 and won award in the category Best Artists’ Book, carried out by Lote 42 publisher. Still in 2015, she worked as a teacher of Visual Arts for children and adolescents at Casa do Teatro School. 
Currently, she is a member of Ghawazee Collective of Action and sings in Pato Preto's band, both projects composed only by women. She also works with art direction for cinema and theater. She continues developing her authorial work within the fields of drawing, painting, writing and sound.