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Park’s work inherently embodies the idea of borders, as mental/physical limits of
exhaustion, or expectations of an audience or herself. She is considering where the
contemporary world and metaphysical healing intersect in relation to identifying as a
woman of color. She is the first American born in her family, as her parents emigrated
from Korea to achieve the “American Dream”. Park’s upbringing as a Korean American
and the struggles of belonging to neither culture carries in her work, containing the
juxtaposition of cultural traditions in modern society.
Her practice is conceptual, yet is heavily involved in site, charged objects, and
interaction- balancing sensory stimulations and considerations of environment. Park is
exploring the ideas of care/self care recontextualized through connections with bodies
during a performance. These ideas and gestures are integrated in her rituals to serve as
reactionary entities to change a state of being.